Cross Docking. Simplified.

Our cross docking services are an effective way to reduce storage costs while expediating product to the market.

Our cross docking operation can significantly increase service levels to customers and shorten your overall supply chain. Clients are able to route their products to our facility, which is strategically located next to the major railways, interstate highways and JaxPort. In addition to our main facility, clients can leverage the entire PenserSC network, consisting of locations in 3 major metro areas and our own fleet of trucks. As one of the premier Logistics Companies, we have the combination of expertise and locations you need to succeed.

Streamline Your Supply Chain

The companies using PenserSC’s cross docking services are doing so to increase profitability in their supply chain. In an era of high gas prices and fixed costs, optimizing your company’s supply chain is of the utmost importance. We understand that cross docking needs to function in real-time with any logistical decisions made beforehand. Our cross docking team has been doing this for years and are involved in helping companies plan the most economical way to deliver product to the customer. Our experts will coordinate everything with you, from bringing in a railcar or container…to preparing your products to ship overseas. When you cross dock with PenserSC, we will handle all the details.

Cross Docking Facilities

If your company is looking to save money and optimize the supply chain, we invite you to view our warehouse facilities for yourself. In a hurry? Contact us for one of our logistics quotes today.

Key Cross Docking Features
  • Allows you to reduce costs by eliminating storage charges, while speeding your products to market
  • Cross Docking services are available at facilities in Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami
  • Locations on the CSX, FEC and Norfolk Southern rail lines allow for maximum flexibility if your product is coming via train
  • Facilities near interstate highways to serve the entire Southeast region
  • PenserSC performs services for Dry goods and Multi-Temperature products
  • If exporting, cross docking services can be combined with PenserSC’s drayage program to route your products to Jaxport